Smitten with Small-town Love

So, as you can see from my tagline, I have a penchant for sexy, small-town romance.  Not sure if this is because I’ve never really strayed too far from my own backyard and the theme is simply the most familiar to me…or if it’s the additional intimacy small-town settings can give to a story.  It’s probably a combo of both and really, it doesn’t matter what the root is: I love the premise and, if the popularity of such stories is any indication, many romance readers do as well.

But about that added intimacy…  Of course, themes like friends to lovers and forbidden fruit type characters are some of the most popular.  And I am a total sucker for stories when the community is small and the social circle even tighter.  Almost all of the stories I’m working on show characters struggling to manage–and sometimes hide–their intense emotions and wicked attractions within a that nasty little, constricted space. I love that dynamic.  Love it.  Like…wanna rub all over it, love it.  It’s hot. And when it’s frowned up or even forbidden, the heat factor goes up tenfold.

So it’s very likely you’ll see these as a themes in many of my books as long as I write, because I love them so much. How about you? What are your favorite kinds of tropes and themes?


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