Some things I’ve learned from romance novels…

Playing off of this blog post (because I love that she was serious and didn’t use that heading to catch attention and then bash the romance genre…go, Maya!), here are some things learned from romance novels over the years:Image

  • Though most characters in love stories are fictitious (unless the story is a memoir, in which case I would hope this was still true), they’re usually pretty strong, sometimes even kick-ass individuals. Obviously this is 2014–not 1964–and women today do a lot better job reaching out and taking what they want–or at least asking for it without shame. I love that romance novels have shown real life women that it’s really okay to be an equal or even dominant partner in your relationship/s. Gone are the days of patsy heroines–bring on the divas and the doms and the down-to-earth, I’m-not-gonna-take-your-shit women. Eff yeah, ladies! Keep it coming!
  • Men aren’t all douche bags. Okay, I say that like I thought this was true–I didn’t. I’ve had more good luck than bad luck with the men in my life, but this isn’t the case for everyone. Of course, not all men are going to sweep you off your feet like the heroes in romance novels–after all, this is fiction we’re talking about here–but just the same, the authors of these books had to get their inspiration somewhere, right? I could go on and on about this one, but let’s leave it at this: if you’re stuck in a crappy relationship, don’t settle. Pick up a romance novel and empower yourself to go out in search of something better, because you definitely deserve it.
  • Sex is all it’s cracked up to be. Yep, you read that right. I’m not the first to admit that reading romance has increased the…well, all the factors in my sex life. This is really far too personal of a bullet point, so I’ll spare you the details, but I know you know what I’m talking about. Shit’s possible and you should do it (with a condom, of course 😉 ).
  • It’s totally okay to fantasize, in whatever manner you wish to do it (unless it’s illegal, then you should probably not). Reading, for many of us, is a means of escape…into a different life, into a different world, into wherever the heck you want. This doesn’t mean that we give up on our reality–we just arm ourselves with alternative options in case we need a boost somewhere along the line–i.e. you might consider striking up a conversation with your cute coworker because, holy crap, that last office romance you read? Wowza!

I could probably list points all day long, because reading and writing love stories are huge parts of my life. Definitely two of my favorite things in life, my family and all things Mexican, aside. How about you? What have you learned from romance novels? Or maybe you have a different perspective on the subject. Talk to me! I’m in a chatty mood today. 🙂


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