Can’t Shake You Fun & a Contest Hint!

CantShakeYouSmallSo, guess what? I, uh, had a little date after work today. J Shh, don’t tell my husband—he’d totally be jealous, even though I’m pretty sure the guy I met up with is plenty spoken for. Only he doesn’t know it yet. He’ll find out in…hmm, T-minus 13 days. 😀

Readers, fans, and friends…I give you Josh Hudson from CAN’T SHAKE YOU. Pre-Carissa. Or wait…maybe that should be post-Carissa? Post-pre-Carissa? Crap, I dunno. Before the really good stuff anyway.


Me: Hey, Josh. Thanks so much for inviting me out for drinks. I’ve, uh, always had a thing for guys with tattoos and big, beefy forearms. (I may or may not be almost falling off of my bar stool at McCauley’s Pub, whilst getting close enough to sniff. Damn, does the man smells good!)

Josh: (clears his throat and arches an eyebrow at me) Pretty sure you asked me to meet up, Mol. (OMG, he even has a pet name for ME!! *vapors*)

Me: (bats eyes) Erm, whatever. All that matters is that we’re both here now, right?

Josh: (leans back in his seat, probably to get away from me, but, hey, the way he’s stretching his big, muscly arm across the back of the chair and sipping his beer? Yum-my.) So what is it you wanted to talk about exactly?

Me: I was hoping you’d tell me a little something about this crazy tension cracklin’ between you and certain drop dead gorgeous guidance counselor.

Josh: (blinks those beautiful indigo eyes) I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Me: C’mon, big guy, it’s just you and me here. You can tell me what’s really going on. I’m a writer, for Pete’s sake. The only people I talk to are in my head. It’s not like your secret isn’t safe.

Josh: Secret? What makes you think I have a secret? (Holy cow, he’s doing that pulsing thing with that strong, stubbly jaw of his. Could he get ANY hotter?)

Me: Josh, sweetie…it’s written all over that gorgeous face of yours. (To this, he simply stares at me, which, again, ya know, could be worse.) I’ve heard about this stubborn streak of yours. While it’s kinda hot, it’s really not getting you anywhere.

Josh: Not trying to get anywhere. (takes another pull from his beer)

Me: (laughs) Okay, let’s go at this from another angle, shall we? I heard Carissa’s thinking about dating again. Do you have any thoughts on the matter?

Josh: She is? (leans that big, strapping body forward, his face all adorable with concern…and envy?)

Me: Yep. Well, maybe “dating” isn’t quite the right word, ya know what I’m saying?

Josh: You’re shittin’ me, right? (flashes a lopsided grin.) She’s not that kind of girl.

Me: Oh, I know she’s not, but that’s the word on the street. I mean, maybe she tried the free and easy thing a time or two and liked it. Stranger things have happened, right?

Josh: (more jaw twitching) She wouldn’t.

Me: I think she would. With the right guy.

Josh: (finishes off his beer and waves the bartender over for another) What makes you think that? Do you even know her?

Me: (wicked cackle) Do I know her? Um, yeah, you could say that. We’re…close. Close enough that she may or may not have, you know, shared things.

Josh: Like?

Me: Like…secret things.

Josh: About me?

Me: You? What’s there to share about you, handsome?

Josh: You fucking baited me right into that!

Me: (big grin) Who me?

Josh: I can’t believe I fell for that shit. Unbelievable.

Me: Yeah, well… (I brush the lint off my shoulder and sigh) I have my ways. Anyway, you might as well fess up now—what’s the deal with you two?

Josh: Nothing. She made that pretty clear.

Me: Did she?

Josh: (shakes his head and glances across the bar) Yeah, so that makes this conversation pointless.

Me: Are you still bitter about her and Reed?

Josh: Bitter? (bitter AS HELL laugh) Not in the least.

Me: Things aren’t always what they seem. As you well know.

Josh: What are you saying?

Me: I’m saying you’re acting a little bit like a moron. You’re making assumptions and I think we both know what happens when you assume.

Josh: Hard to deny the evidence when it’s pushed right in your goddamn face.

Me: Again, you can’t take everything at face value. I think you should talk to her.

Josh: And say what exactly?

Me: (shrugs) You’re a smart guy—figure it out.  Just don’t do something stupid. Like…make more assumptions.

Josh: (downs his second beer in a couple gulps and throws some cash on the table) Listen, Molly, I don’t know what business this is of yours anyway, so I think I’ve said all I’m gonna say. No hard feelings, right?

Me: (Josh…hard…feelings… *swoon*) Nope, none at all. Thanks again for inviting me out.

Josh: (gives me a “freakin’ fruitcake” look over his shoulder”) Uh, yeah. See you around.

Me: Or something like that.

CAN’T SHAKE YOU, the first book in the River Bend series, releases on March 2nd to all major ebook retailers. Check out Goodreads for some awesome pre-release reviews and don’t forget to ‘like’ my Facebook author page for more fun and shenanigans. Within the next few days, I’ll be announcing a release contest and THERE WILL BE PRIZES, people!! Psst…those who’ve reviewed (or will review within the timeframe of the contest) will get extra entries, as will those who are signed up for my mailing list (sign up here!) So, what are you waiting for? Go, go, go!

Until next time…happy reading!




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