One Month Pub-iversary

WOW. I can’t believe how fast the last four weeks have gone by. Evenmore so I can’t believe the responsCantShakeYouSmalle that CAN’T SHAKE YOU has received! It’s every author’s worst fear that people will HATE their book and Lord knows I’ve had my fair share of freak-out moments about CSY. I still do. But people seem to really like Josh and Carissa’s story and…HOLY CRAP. That’s just…wow. Crazy. Surreal. Humbling.

I’ve been ridiculously lucky to have readers practically blow up CSY’s Goodreads page with reviews and I considered linking a few of my favorites here, but there’s no way I could narrow it down. Those of you who’ve reviewed, you guys freaking ROCK! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and spreading the word to others! Thank you for liking my Facebook page and for entering giveaways and for tagging and sharing with your friends and for pimping me out whenever you can. Thank you for being awesome readers, who make me want to write a gajillion more books…just for you!

This first month has been all kinds of awesome. I seriously cannot wait for CAN’T GET ENOUGH to release this summer. Are you guys as excited as I am???



  1. Congrats Molly…such an awesome and amazing book….more then that you’re an amazing writer…So glad to have met you…So honored to asked me to read CAN’T SHAKE YOU…💝xoxo

    I’m so excited about your next book….CAN’T GET ENOUGH…because you have me hooked on these characters and have made me fall in love with all of them….

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